Tweetie’s Smokin SalsaTweetie’s Smokin Salsa is an authentic Mexican family recipe that has been re-formulated for commercial production.After many months of test batches in a commercial kitchen laboratory, a production recipe was developed that had the same natural ingredients, texture, taste, and heat level as the salsa Tweetie made in her kitchen at home for our family and friends.

QUESTION:  Are there mild, medium and hot versions?

Tweetie’s standard answer: “No, just one type – Smokin. If you don’t like it the way I made it, don’t eat it!”

try-itThis is an authentic Mexican family salsa.

  • All natural ingredients
  • No “Best by” date – refrigerate after opening
  • A health-conscious snack or condiment

Naturally low calorie, low salt, gluten free

 Over the years, Tweetie’s Smokin Salsa has proven to be a hit with Hispanics and salsa lovers alike. It is with great pride that we offer you the opportunity to put this unique salsa in your store.

  • 16 oz. button top glass jar
  • Sold single, 6 packs and 12 packs